Take a Look at Oz Machine From Our Trainee's Perspective

Take a Look at Oz Machine From Our Trainee's Perspective

First, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Mustafa Kaya. I am 20 years old. I live in Tuzla, Istanbul. I reside in Aksaray during term time due to my university education. Aksaray is small, but it is an ideal and pleasant city for students. I follow technology closely and I enjoy watching movies. Archery and table tennis are among the sports I enjoy.

Can you please state the name of your university and your department?

I am a third year student at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Aksaray University. The most important factors in choosing this department were the facts that engineering is still a valid profession and electrical/electronic engineering is an important, developing concept.

Which division of Özçelik Makina have you done your internship in?

I began my internship at Özçelik Makina in the electrical division and worked there for 15 days. Then I moved to the assembly division. I completed my internship by preparing a presentation regarding the knowledge and experience that I gained at the company. 

What have you learned during this internship period that may be helpful to you in the future?

Throughout the internship period, I gained a lot of experience. I obtained information regarding subjects such as how an automatic system works, what its main components are, why PLC machines are used and how they are coded. By finding the chance to practice the knowledge that I have learned in university, I spent four very useful weeks here.

What was the most important value added to your life by the internship at Özçelik Makina?

The internship at Özçelik Makina has had contributions to my life in many aspects. First of all, I realized that I chose the right profession. I observed and experienced what the engineering role is in a plant, which problems or processes you encounter and how you can overcome these. I had the chance to see the entire production cycle at an integrated plant from the beginning to the end,and understood how much coordination and communication are crucial in running a business. I witnessed the important contributions of teamwork and compliance at Özçelik Makina. 

What are the three words that you would use to describe Özçelik Makina?

Innovative, Dynamic, Reliable.

Finally, is there anything else that you want to add?

I would like to thank Özçelik Makina first for accepting me as an intern to their company and then for the experience and knowledge that they taught me during the 20-day internship.