Automatic Welding and Cleaning Line (3 Axis)


Used for simultaneously welding four corners of plastic profiles and removing the burrs from the profiles after welding.

  • Pneumatic motion
  • Automatic frame output unit and  automatic profile rotation system
  • Batch processing and precision measurement
  • Process programming and large memory
  • Safe working area with safety barrier
  • Welding time adjustment and digitally controlled heating
  • Temperature adjustment between 0 °C and 350 °C with electronic thermostat
  • 0.2 mm welding range
  • Touchscreen control panel and profile recognition system
  • Quick transferring the profile to cleaning unit with robot system after welding
  • Cleaning of bottom, top, internal and external surfaces of the profile by two independent cleaning units
  • Easy programming with manual control system (hand wheel)
  • Manual operator adjusted axial speeds
  • Real time communication between two machines
  • Memory capacity for 1000 profiles
  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Automatic cleaning with 11 profile cleaning blade
  • Separate cleaning blades for colored and white profiles
  • Data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB
  • Alarm and warning sign on screen
  • Quick and easy to replace hot press teflon
  • Processing time monitoring on screens during operation
  • Uniform heat distribution on plate, profile cooling station
  • Rotation speed optimization and  picking up unit for finished profile on the line



• Conveyor • Profile external cleaning saw blade • Cleaning blades • Cutters • Profile holding and cooling unit • Automatic profile rotation system • Barcode reader


• Special mold • Gasket pressing system • Automatic bearing lubrication system