The service of the machine shall be provided at the site with the following address that is to be stated by the Customer.

Service fees are listed in the following table:


Factory/Authorized Service Station

TL 100.00 Cargo Costs End of Work. Maximum 1 working day.

In Istanbul/Authorized Service Zone

TL 200.00

European Side (+ 50.00 TL Travel Cost)

End of Work. Maximum 1 working day.

Outside of Istanbul/Authorized Service Zone

TL 200.00

Travel+Accommodation Costs

End of Work. Maximum 1 working day.
General Maintenance TL 400.00

Outside of Istanbul (Travel+Accommodation Costs)

End of Work. Maximum 1 working day.

V.A.T. is included in the prices. A 20% discount shall apply to failures under the scope of the maintenance contract.

No fee shall be claimed for any repairs of the machine's failure apart from the user errors within the warranty period. Travel expenses shall be claimed even within the warranty period for our products that are transported outside of the city of the dealer. A 20% discount shall apply for user errors in the warranty period.

Service fees cover only the service given. The service may be provided for installation after transportation, general maintenance, repair, modification, and software update. All spare parts replaced outside of the scope of warranty shall separately be included in the price. No extra fee shall be claimed.

In addition to elimination of the failures that are subject to the service; service representative may replace the components that are defected or may become defected in the area of failure by informing the customer.

No service shall be provided at weekends and on official holidays.                                

Service for portable machines is provided at the factory's central service or at the authorized service stations.                                

The initial installation service of the machinery other than portable machines shall be provided free of charge. Travel expense is claimed for the products that are transported outside of the city of the dealer.                                

The service shall be programmed and the customer shall be informed after the customer who requests service completes this form by filling out the following CUSTOMER APPROVAL field, and communicating it to our company via fax/e-mail. The service shall be programmed within 1 week excluding force majeure and exceptional cases (weather conditions, traffic accidents-vehicle failures etc.). The customer shall be informed accordingly.                                

Service fees and/or spare part fees shall only be paid in cash or by credit card.                                

A new work form shall be opened if the service duration exceeds the durations listed in the table. In addition, if the period of the service exceed those periods indicated in the table, then the costs associated with the accommodation of the team who is to carry out the service shall be covered by the party who requests the service.                                

Upon service team's arrival at the customer's site, the required planning and work conditions are to be provided by the customer to allow for a smooth and quick service process. The service team shall not be responsible for any site related problems such as power outages etc. that delay or prevent service work. In such cases, the service fee shall be charged and an appointment shall be given to the customer for the next scheduled service for which charges apply.                                

Service requester is liable for providing work safety of the service team.                                

The service team issues a service form and submits a copy to the customer. The parts removed within the scope of the warranty shall be taken back. The serviced machine, connections and the damaged components are photographed.                                

The parties have acknowledged that Kartal-ISTANBUL courts and execution offices are authorized for any disputes arising from this contract.                                 


Customer Approval

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