Kharkiv Is More Cheerful With Özçelik

Özçelik Machinery spent 4 fabulous days in Kharkiv, the educational and cultural capital city of Ukraine, with its dealers and customers.​

Özçelik Machinery started the visit, which took place from the 3 to the 6 November, by welcoming its dealers and customers at the factory. The dealers and customers who visited the factory both saw all the innovations under the body of Özçelik Machinery and obtained information on the production processes of the machinery they have used or sold.

The trip, which started at the counter opened specially at Sabiha Gökçen Airport, continued with the arrival at the hotel after the scheduled flight. After a short rest and following dinner at Kharkiv's stylish and historical Pushka Restaurant, Özçelik Machinery dealers and customers returned to their hotels to relax.

The next day continued with a Kharkiv city tour. As a former capital city of Russia, Kharkiv's historical and natural beauties were described in detail by a tour guide to the guests. Following the pleasant day, the dealers and customers spent some free time in the city before the day came to an end.

The 3rd day of the visit was the gala dinner day. The gala dinner at Stargorod restaurant, the largest restaurant chain of Ukraine and loved for its shows, was highly enjoyable. In addition to the regional delicacies, the dealers and customers spent an enjoyable time with various amusing shows before going back to their hotels.

The 4th day was the final day and the day to return home. The dealers and customers who went to the airport by private transfer also answered a special questionnaire during their flight. The questionnaire conducted by Özçelik Machinery was important for obtaining feedback on similar travel events that could be planned in the future. After the dealers and customers arrived in Istanbul with the scheduled flight, they said goodbye to each other at the airport and ended this fantastic trip.

Regarding the visit, Özçelik Machinery Domestic Sales Director Volkan Biçer said; "such trips further reinforce the bonds between us and our dealers, and they also give us an opportunity to better know and understand our customers and auxiliary dealers. Furthermore, they enlighten us to further develop ourselves year by year."