Dealer Meeting 2018

We held our annual Dealers Meeting at Antalya Avantgarde Resort hotel on April 6-8 this year. With out motto "Union Makes Strength", Hasan Ozcelik, our General Manager, made an opening speech for the meeting.

Volkan Bicer, our Domestic Sales Director, bringing up Sales targets for 20018 and forward new settlement processes as well as marketing strategies in his presentation, constantly mentioned the significance of being expandable while highlighting the importance of Strength and Synergy. Mesut Ulukoylu, our Quality Expert, informed the dealers on 2018 Quality Actions by calling 2018 as the year of quality for our company. Following the quality presentation, Hasan Ozcelik, our General Manager, Volkan Bicer, our Domestic Sales Director, and Hacer Hazar, our Finance Director, have answered the questions from our dealers.

After the dinner on April 7, following the cocktail organization that our dealers participated in with their families, 2018 awards have been delivered to their rightful owners. The night has ended blissfully for our Yurtici Ozcelik Family having vibrant and cheerful time with the Rhythm Workshop outbursting the best of sharing and togetherness.