Once the final product sale process is complete and the product has been delivered to the customer, the phase where the after-sales services function is responsible begins. Assisting the operation, installation, and commissioning of the product at the customer site according to the respective product class, providing operator training for using the product correctly in line with its capacity, reminding of occupational safety issues, providing user level maintenance training, signing and executing regular maintenance contracts, responding in case of any failure or accident, providing the parts required for efficient and reliable operation of the product throughout its service life, managing the organization required for the optimum delivery of services to the customers, collecting customer requests and suggestions and reporting them to the plant, and responding to all types of questions and support demands of customers are among the operations of our department.

In our company, the structure of our after-sales services function is at the directorate level.

Within the body of this department, there are technical service and spare part sales organizations.

Technical services are provided through our central service station and local service network. Our travelling service units reporting to the central station provide service throughout Turkey.

Spare part sales are made through our authorized dealers and resellers.

Please contact the experts of our central station within the body of our plant for any technical issue, service or spare part demand.

Contact email: servis@ozcelik.com

Service and spare part payments can be made with cash or credit card.

Customers outside Turkey can send their service and spare part demands to service@ozcelik.com. And if there are no bureaucratic issues such as visas, we have a sensibility to respond to any overseas service demand within 48 hours.

We strategically try to improve the efficacy of our local services with the service organizations of our distributors and dealers in other countries and the training and certification opportunities for our service technicians.